Cloud Computing

Cloud computing allows companies to avoid upfront infrastructure costs and enables them to focus on projects that differentiate their businesses instead of focussing on infrastructure.

In order that a customer receives the best experience using cloud technology, we ensure that the bandwidth and connectivity provide seamless integration with smooth fast access that gives users a quality experience.

We partner with organisations who can provide cloud technology and work with customers to allow the experience of high-capacity networks, low cost computer and storage devices as well as the adoption of hardware virtualisation, service-oriented architecture and automatic and utility computing is a memorable, positive experience.


Virtualisation allows you to separate the operating-system on your servers from the physical hardware. This provides a number of benefits, including increased hardware utilisation and the ability to backup and restore the guest operating-systems on a different host as part of a disaster recovery plan.

Each guest operating-system on the virtual-server host can be guaranteed a minimum amount of resources to guarantee the availability of the services it provides. We can either provide and manage locally-connected virtual-server hosts or they can be located in one of our data-centres as a cloud-computing solution.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

ACSData understands that being able to recover data is extremely important for organisations. Customers need to feel confident that key organisational data has been backed up and also that timely (and effective) restoration of the data is readily available. When backing up data it is extremely important to have processes in place to ensure that the data has in fact been successfully backed up but that if required it can be recovered. ACSData is experienced in what is required (for any size organisation) for backups, restoration and archiving of data.


ACSData only partner with proven technology and market leaders in the SAN and Storage Solution arena. We understand that the investment that customers make in this part of their business is crucial to the on-going stability and success of their business. We ensure that we work closely with our customers and recommend the right platforms that will not only meet their current requirements but will also be able to grow with their increasing business needs as required.