Our Datacentres

ACSData Centre

The ACSData Centre (2N), located in Petone, Wellington (previously known as the old IBM Data Centre), is a purpose-built independently certified Rated-3+ facility.

The ACSData Centre is designed to be fault tolerant, so that there are no single points of failure. ACSData manage and run the data centre.

From a network perspective, every Tier 1 Telco has access to the Telco racks within the Data Centre and as a Tier 1 Telecommunications Provider ourselves, we can provide fully diverse connectivity and power to all racks.

We provide dual-power feeds to every rack, with each fed from separate UPS systems via independent switchboards.

Technical Details

100+ racks, caged options available
Floor Space
500 square metres
Power Supply
500kva (.5MW), redundant, A+B to all racks
Earthquake Rating
Independently certified to Rated-3+ level with Rated-4 Power SLA
Emergency Efficiency
The facility has a power factor corrector that keeps the power factor of our operations between 0.99 and 1.01 increasing efficiency and lowering power costs.
Capacity on A side is 550kva and 275kva on the B side.
Special Characteristics
Fully redundant air handlers to keep humidity in the facility between 40% and 60% at all times.
Industry standard VESDA system to filter and actively test for smoke particles from dozens of sampling points around the facility.
A facility emphasising sustainability from the perspectives of energy efficiency, energy and building management, and eco-compliance
Secure, independent caged areas are available for specific customers with 24/7 access.
This facility is fully staffed. ACSData staff and security personnel available 24x7.
Photos of inside the ACSData Centre
ACSData Centre