» Mail and Domain Hosting

We can provide mail hosting for you domain in conjunction with our other services. You can have as many mailboxes and aliases (which can point to multiple other mailboxes) as you need. Each mailbox can be accessed via POP3, IMAP or webmail and if you are connecting from outside our network you can still use us to send mail by enabling SMTP authentication. Spam and virus filtering are provided free of charge.

For customers who already operate their own mail servers we offer a scrubbing service that provides the same level of virus and spam filtering.

We are an official .nz domain registrar, to register a domain with us please send a message to sales@acsdata.co.nz with the name you wish to use and your contact details. Please ensure you have read our domain hosting terms and conditions, as well as the appropriate DNC .nz policies. If you already own a .nz domain name you can transfer it to our registrar at no cost.

Please contact us for more information.